I’ve switched to using Octopress rather than Wordpress to run my blog. I have ran wordpress since 2003, before it was forked from B2 cafelog, I’ve decided to switch as I’m currently patching security problems in my blog software more often than writing blog posts. Octopress runs on my home computer and generates a bunch of HTML files from markdown files that I rsync with my web host. Using Octopress also means that:

  • I can version control my site content
  • I can write my posts using vim.
  • My website should now be blazingly fast.

The downside is that now my site is just static HTML there is no commenting, I have preserved comments from my old wordpress blog posts and have modified Octopress to be able to show comments, I just don’t yet have a way of allowing people to submit new blog posts. I plan to implement something simple in future, until then email comments to my first name @ this domain and I will put them up manually