At 3pm on the seventh of October I married the gullible gorgeous Sara-Kate Smith at Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield.

The whole day was just amazing, so many of our friends and family all came to share in our day. We had a "small" (40 people) wedding and I still feel bad that I didn't spend enough time with everyone. How those people that have a hundred guests or more cope I don't know.

The whole day was just amazing, I’m still savouring the experience, looking through photos, mentally replaying moments and talking about it. The eager anticipation building inside me all morning, the inevitable last minute panics, the first sight of Sara walking up the aisle, being cheered by our family & friends, the emotions in the room during the speeches and the really bad dancing.

A couple of days later we flew off to Barcelona for our honeymoon, more of which later. In the meantime I’d just like to say thank you again to our guests and we hope that you enjoyed the day, we certainly did!

Photography by Lloyd Bunting