Home is an ex-mining countryside village a few miles from the Peak District National Park. There’s lots of stately homes, moors, farms and large fields within a ten minute drive. This picture is taken a minutes walk uphill from home, you can see lots of green; trees in the midground and fields in the background. You can also see Chesterfield famed “crooked spire” church. The downside is nearly everything is a drive (or bus) away.

View of a village road

After having trouble finding housing in Stafford for my final university year Nick and I turned our eyes to its urban Northen neighbour, Stoke-on-Trent, industrial, sometimes soviet-esque and grim. We live near the old Stoke football stadium, in the Stoke part of the city, which confusingly is not the city centre. Gone are the rolling fields, gone are the moors. Arrived are traffic jams, sirens and a wetherspoons a walk away. Drama aside it seems alright, there’s a small town centre area within a five minute walk but the main shopping and night area - Hanley is a car ride away. It would’ve been nice to live nearer Hanley, but our location next to the A34 means getting to uni is easy and quick. The locals all seem friendly and quite talkative too.

We live close to where the Victoria Ground used to be, in one of the many rows of identical ex-potters terraced housing, it almost has a Coronation Street feel - the houses all have little alleys between the rows. You can tell the houses used to be for the factory workers and familes - every house has had to be extended in order to have a kitchen and bathroom. Our house is just off the edge of this picture: (the football ground is no longer there and is now just wasteland) Aerial view of terraced housing around the old Victoria ground

Here is a page with a picture of what will probably be our local pub.

Nick and I are living with someone new this year, Rashid - who’s studying for an MSc in computing, also at Stafford.