During my summer holiday, I’ve been visiting a few local attractions. It’s quite nice to visit places when they’re quiet and do some work, read a book or have a picnic. So I thought I’d share some photos.

The first is the parkland of Chatsworth House, accessing the park is free (except parking), you can also visit the House itself and the gardens for a charge. Being a poor student I tend to just walk around the park. I briefly spoke about Chatsworth before.

The stone water mill at Chatsworth

Parking up in the Carlton Lees car park and crossing over the cattle grid brings you out near the derelict water mill. I think this was once used to grind corn, now though it’s just a ruin, locked up so you can’t enter.

Deers grazing under a tree

Walking on down the side of the Derwent you could see deer - does and their fawn, grazing on the opposite side.

My picnic bench looking over the Derwent, with deer in the background

Walking along a little further there’s a few picnic benches, so I sat down and did some work on a report for uni whilst looking over the view, during my typing I was visited by three ducks looking for food.

A small waterfall on the Derwent

I walked along the river bank, dropping down to the river then jumped across the stones almost half way across the river. This is just one of many small waterfalls of this size that are on the Derwent. More spectacular is the water features in the gardens..

Moving on along the river, past some deer right on the opposite bank, hiding behind bushes. Eventually I came to the first glimpse of Baslow edge, along with some near-perfect reflections in the water.

Eventually Chatsworth House came into view, at least the west wing. At this point I turned around and walked back through the park to go home for tea.

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