I’ve just had a week off of work, and I’ve spent it catching up on fun things…

Reading the books I picked up at the A515 bookshop a couple of months ago:

  • Communism, a Brief History: Sort of interesting, it’s a very quick glance through communism from it’s conception to it’s execution and it’s failings.

  • Robert Heinlein - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: Maybe the best of his books I’ve read.

I’ve also flicked through David Allens - Getting Things Done again, and I’m now half way through Buddhism - The Path to Enlightenment.

Playing computer games:

I’ve also been playing with Tremulous, a free multiplayer only team based shooter that’s quite innovative and I’ve reinstalled Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to hopefully play with the Lugradio crowd. I’m not sure which one I’m going to play going forward though.

Watching DVDs:

  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol2 - More of the first one, this time portraying the events right up to the beginning of episode 3.
  • 1984: Uhm, not bad, but vastly inferior to the book for reasons I can’t quite nail down.
  • Family Guy Series 4: Like the other three, except the surreal bits are longer.

I’ve also decided to try and organise myself a bit better using Tomboy to make notes and my calendar for time specifc things in a Getting Things Done-esque way.