I’ve noticed my lifestyle has changed quite a bit since starting my placement, in most ways good, in some bad. I guess starting work is probably the biggest lifestyle disruption you can have, with the exceptions of marriage and kids.

I now get up at a reasonable time, I get up at times that I’d be going to bed at when I was at uni. Obviously I also go to bed a lot earlier. My ‘standard’ day now is waking up at 05:15 and being asleep for 22:00. Weekends are a bit later, but usually not by too much - this Saturday I got up at 07:30 and thought to myself that I’d had a lazy lie in. I quite enjoy the early mornings to myself, tapping away at my keyboard in peace and quiet. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up when I’m at uni - or at least not have 4 hours of sleep on weeknights and lying in bed till 16:00 at the weekend.

I don’t drink as much, at uni it was alcohol every other day, now it’s likely to be a couple of bottles at the weekend, though driving has quite some impact on this. Rather than an espresso to kick off my day I now have a mug of green tea and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

I don’t have as much time. At the minute I have four Cd’s in their cellophane, seven books and two magazines to read, I’m less than half way through a computer game I bought three months ago, I’ve two programming projects I’ve set myself that I’ve barely started, I’ve got one website to design and another to finish off. This is besides things like finding things to live next year and filling out my student loan form. On the upside I spend less of my time worrying about time and don’t have to feel guilty about my time usage when I am playing games, though I do remember fondly doing things like reading The Da Vinci Code in two sittings over one day.