Product Image: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Sith Lords

This game is basically more of the same, but a bit more rough. The graphics are identical, the sounds are identical, the gameplay very similar. There's also some buggy elements around, nothing major, just things to jerk you out of being completely taken in. Yet despite all that, it still is addicting and a thoroughly great game.

The storyline is great, although there seemed to be a few unfinished bits, which took the gloss off of the game, this could've been because of various actions I took which didn't trigger them though. Some of the characters do seem a little flat though. The story continues on from the first, and you should probably play that first to make sure you're up on the lore of the game, however it's not a neccesity. Basically you're an ex-jedi who served under Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, you awaken in an unknown ship with another force user. You then spend the rest of the game trying to find out why you are now an ex-jedi, and then tracking down the Sith Lords who believe that you are the last Jedi. Of course there's a couple of twists and turns upon the way.

The gameplay is much the same as the first one, invisible turn based combat between your party of three and hordes of Sith assasins and the like, sandwiched between puzzles and chatting, plus a few slight enhancements. One interesting aspect is the ability to influence the other characters - this causes their force alignment to follow yours and allows you to find out more about their background. The downside to this is that for the characters you don't influence there are lots of stubs and hints which you never get chance to take up, good excuse to play through again, but at about thirty hours to complete, not something which I'm likely to do.

I only wish that a third in the series was on the cards.