Microsofts worse piece of software foils me again :(. I’ve switched my computer on without noticing the bluetooth dongle wasn’t left in, so I plugged it in after booting up and attempted to sync with my iPaq, only neither device could see each other, although activesync does see the com port and that it’s useable and open, so I restarted my iPaq and still no joy. Now annoyed I removed my bluetooth dongle and tried to sync over USB. That was just as unsuccessful as before…So now it looks like I’ve got to restart my computer just to syncronise with my PDA. Yes, the twentyfirst century is here and I’ve still got to reboot to make Microsoft software do it’s job.

I’m hoping that Microsofts new “it just works” slogan actually means something when it comes to Longhorn.

Incidentally by the way my Sony Ericsson syncronisation software works fine.