I’ve installed the Ubuntu “Warty” release and played around with it for a couple of days, configuring and exploring it. I quite like it, it has a nice, ungimmicky default theme, has firefox as the default browser and uses the very nice gnome 2.8. It seemed really easy to use, kinda ‘clean’ and well, just made sense. My camera got picked up fine. It was basically a joy to use. The best distro I’ve ever used I do believe. Gnome seems to have overtook KDE in my mind, KDE just seems so kind of gimmicky and vulgar in comparison, but without the user friendliness and stability to back it up. The one drawback I felt was the use of Open Office as the default office suite rather than Abiword and Gnumeric or similar, Open Office isn’t that pleasent to the eye, and the major problem is that it takes an age to start.

I felt that good about it I upgraded it to development version - “Hoary”. However I’m having problems with that. So I’m going to go back to Warty tomorrow.