Was woke today by a text from Meggs asking about uni results, in a panic I replied and asked if I was supposed to be in Stafford or something, he replied and said he got his in the post. So I ran downstairs, grabbed the contents of the letterbox and got back in bed. Anyway my results work out as a 2:1, which is pretty good I guess, weirdly enough my best result was networking, which I thought I’d struggle to pass. My worst was C, which didn’t suprise me really, I passed it, but barely.

Then I went to work, was on the spirits/tobacco counter all day. Spent most my time skiving and winding Sara up (y). Uhm, anyway, got back from that and hung around downstairs for a while. Hmm, no-one on MSN tonight so I spent my time reading about the guy who dug a massive hole in his back garden. Anyway think I’m gonna go watch Malcom now.