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Have I Got News for You

I was in the audience of last nights episode of Have I Got News for You with Nick and Jode. Nick had managed to get the free tickets as soon as they were announced, about a month ago. Apparently it takes only a few hours for tickets for a whole series to go, so we were quite fortunate in that respect.

There was just over an hours worth of footage filmed, the first round taking forty minutes of that. This made it quite interesting to see what would be cut. Things I noticed were:

  • Trevor McDonald swearing.
  • Lots of talk about the “loans for lords” scandal.
  • Some commentary on the Lib Dem leadership, and the various paper headlines of the time.

Mainly though, it was just little bits of jokes here and there that went missing.

I’d love to go and watch it again, though it’d be better to make a whole day of being in London and stay in London overnight, rather than driving back in the wee hours of the morning


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  • Mark:
    Hi there - where did you hear about the tickets?
    I tried the BBC comedy website but have never seen them listed. I'd love to go, obviously have to start dialling the moment they're announced. How did you find out they were available? (mail me if you have the time)

  • Dean Sas:
    HIGNFY is made by a 3rd party company (Hat trick Productions), so the
    tickets go up on their website at

    Apparently the tickets for the last series went in 10 minutes!

    The tickets aren't available until the 24th.

    Good luck!