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2005 Reviewed

Here’s a quick run down of things that have happened in my world during 2005, it’s nice to look back and think. To summarise: Passed my driving test, fell back in love with linux, finished uni for a year, moved back home, got a car, started my work placement, went on holiday, got a laptop.

Now on with the next year.

Post idea stole from Andrew Pollock.


  • Nick:
    I like the review of 2005, much better than mine!

    Looks like you have had an eventful year, all the best for 2006. I look forward to spending the latter quarter of it back at uni with you.

    Missing the total randomness of the things we got up to... Wonder what our final uni business venture will be ;-)
  • Dean Sas:
    Hmm, and here was me thinking i'd not done that much :p