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I spent the first part of this week, and all of last week on holiday in Bodrum, Turkey.

I drove down to Sara’s dads near Southampton, with Sara and a whole lot of luggage on the Sunday, after a couple of misturns and half a tank of petrol we finally arrived. We promptly went to see her grandma in Fareham and then from there we went to eat in some nice pub that looked out over the south coast and the Isle of Weight.

Early Monday morning we drove up to Gatwick airport where I met Sara’s uncles for the first time, on the plane Sara let me have the window seat as I’m a first time flyer. It was quite cool flying over England, seeing the white cliffs of Dover and then flying over France, before climbing over the clouds - which made things quite boring until we started to descend once in Turkey.

Getting off of the plane I expected to be greeted by a wave of heat, luckily I wasn’t. It was hot but British Summertime hot.

Anyway the hotel (Club Belizie) was great, nice local food, very friendly staff and plenty of room - didn’t feel crammed in at all.

Food was served indoors with a wide range of Turkish warm food, fresh salads, breads, yoghurts and desserts and also outdoors on the barbeque. I ate plenty of kebap and plenty of peppered things - I now love stuffed peppers. I’ve bought a Turkish cookbook, not sure if I’ll ever actually use it, but it’s nice to think so.

There were also two restaurants, the Italian, which to be honest wasn’t that good (no lasagne for one thing); the Turkish, which was really good, nice food freshly cooked on the barbeque, great waiters.

Burgers, pizza and so on were also served in the mid afternoon. Though we didn’t realise this until the end of our stay.

There were a variety of bars inside the hotel and four pools, which we made use of.

The hotel was out on it’s own, away from Bodrum, however there was a mini-bus (dolmus) to the town centre that came outside the hotel every few minutes for 19 hours of the day and cost around 60p per person.

Went into Bodrum a few times, it seemed really chaotic - mopeds and Dolmus (Turkish minibuses) driving all over, all beeping their horns. It was however quite pleasant, it took a while getting used to the very demanding Turkish shopkeepers, insisting you come in their shop/cafe/pub and wanting to know why you didn’t want to and stuff. In the end we just decided we’d be ignorant foreigners and pay them no attention. There were plenty of designer knock-off goods around - Calvin Klein, Dolce + Gabanna and the like, didn’t buy any though.

I didn’t realise until the day before we left, but Bodrum was the place of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - the Mausoleum of Maussollos. Didn’t have time to go to the castle which houses part of what’s left of the Mausoleum.

We did however see (from a distance) the ruins at Iassos when we visited Sara’s Aunties and Uncles villa across the bay from there and also we drove past the theatre of ancient Halicarnassus


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  • Peter:
    Hi, Like your blog. I'm planning on going to Turkey next month. I've taken a look at the link above but I was wondering if you could recommend any hotels. Thanks