Dean Sas

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Product Image: THX: 1138

THX: 1138 is the full length version of an “arty” film George Lucas made as a student. It is something that’s very different from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, it’s very slow and sedate - basically to the point of being boring. The story is that of a 1984-style future. No sex allowed, no free thinking, everyone has to take government prescribed sedatives to keep them conforming. In this fascist future the lead character THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) awakens from his drug induced stupor and his feelings towards his flat-mate and to freedom begin to surface. I expected this film to be redone and to have everything CGI-ified, however Lucas has pretty much kept this to a minimum, at least as far as I could see, having never saw the original. However there’s not really much opportunity for it, the one place that I guess must’ve been redone is in the car chase scene and to my eyes at least, it was tastefully done. Also for those Star Wars people, there’s a few nods ahead to Lucas’ future films, one quote in particular being “I ran over a wookie” and there’s a C3PO style droid in there somewhere. It was an ok-ish film, but just a bit too slow for my likings, and there was not much to see during the slow parts…