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Product Image: Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the ...

Freakonomics is a book wrote by “rogue economist” Stephen Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner. The book aims to explain why things took as conventional wisdom are wrong and other interesting questions such as “why do drug dealers live with their mothers” and why the way you bring up your kids doesn’t matter. The book is very interesting and what’s more, it’s not wrote in economese, it’s wrote in day to day accessible English, and doesn’t require a Maths degree (or even a GCSE really) to understand. One annoying thing about this book is that at the start of every chapter there’s some ”Levitt is the best thing since sliced bread”, newspaper extract. Which really gets annoying - he’s wrote one book and all the way through it he blows his own trumpet. Ultimately though, the book, like this review is very short, weighing in at about two hundred big fonted pages.